Avatar will have a whopping FOUR sequels

In a move that surprised all of us but probably shouldn’t have, James Cameron popped up at CinemaCon to drop the news that he’s now making four sequels to his 2009 multi-billion dollar sci-fi epic.  Four sequels to a movie that doesn’t even need one (whether you like it or not).


Avatar 2 is finally due to land in 2018 (that’s nine years after Avatar), but don’t hold your breath.  By this time next year we might be writing about the delayed release due to the announcement of Avatar 17.

Indiana Jones 5 will continue Crystal Skull’s story


News broke last week that Indy 5 was officially on the way, with Spielberg back in the director’s chair and Harrison Ford donning the famous hat once more.  Now we know, at least roughly, what the film will be about – a direct follow-on from Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. 

The news perhaps comes as discouraging to many as Crystal Skull was and still is the worst entry with its silly CGI gophers and nuclear-repellent fridges, and with the plot following on from those events there’s a worry that our friendly alien chums will make a prompt return.  Hopefully not.  But I’m still excited.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – reboot gets an official title


After making a debut in the Civil War trailer, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man now has an official title for his solo outing, complete with a very comic-booky poster.  In 2017, we’ll be watching Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Not sure I’m completely sold on that title, and yes it’s another reboot of Spidey (although we’re told it mercifully won’t be another origin story), but the retro poster is brilliant and he looked good in the brief glimse we got.

Ben Affleck will direct a solo Batman film


The news we all knew was coming – and what good news it is.  Batman v Superman may have been torn apart by critics, but if there was just one thing it got right, it was Affleck as Batman.

With an impressive directorial catalogue behind him (Argo, The Town, Gone Baby, Gone), Affleck’s solo outing as the caped crusader, which he’s also written, ought to be great.  Time will tell.

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