Captain America: Civil War


Civil War

Arguably the best film in Marvel’s canon so far. This superhero bust-up is fun, energetic and transformed by really good storytelling. When Captain America and Iron Man lock horns, we see reason on both sides; there’s a necessity for them to fight despite the mutual respect. Then, like Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, it juggles a whole bunch of characters really nicely – Spidey popping up was a lot of fun, and the whole airport showdown is likely to be one of the best scenes you’ll see this year. In fact, the whole film’s probably going to be up there.

Bad Neighbours 2


Bad Neighbours 2, Bad Neighbors 2, Sorority Rising, Seth Rogan, movie, comedy

Considering it follows exactly the same formula as the first film, it’s not half bad (it probably helps that I enjoyed the first one). Basically, every time the titular sorority (titular in the American version, at least) is on-screen, which usually involves little more than Chloe Grace Moretz and a few other unknown actresses trying to riff on other successful formulas (one of them is trying to be Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect, for example), it’s incredibly unfunny – as in, unfunny to the point of “how did this make it into the film?” boredom. Fortunately when Rogen, Byrne and Efron’s side appear, it’s laugh-a-minute, gross-out silliness.


  1. Personally, I’d have given Civil War a 5 simply because of the men in leather suits. But then again, that’s why you’re the movie reviewer and I’m the casual consumer.

  2. Your review sums up Civil War accurately. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought I was Team Stark by default, but Cap’s cause was equally modest and compelling. Throw in the hilarity of all those heroes fighting each other and you have the perfect movie!

  3. I am very anxious to see Civil War! As I am not big on Tony Stark, I admit, I am more likely to sway towards Captain America…though given the stances that are likely to be presented in the film…I could easily stand with both of them. It is going to be hard to be patient and wait until it comes out on DVD.

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