Here’s something interesting – Bill Skarsgard has been cast as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the remake of Stephen King’s IT.

You may have known that for a long time, Will Poulter was attached to the role of the child-eating clown terrorising the fictional town of Derry in King’s epic classic, before director Cary Fukunaga dropped out and Poulter decided to follow. That means we already have a “what if?” scenario before the movie’s even started shooting. Like the “what if” Guillermo Del Toro had made The Hobbit after all? (It would’ve been a lot better).

Poulter really could have been great as Pennywise. It’s not just that he’s a terrific actor, but he actually looks rather like Pennywise. Not to be insulting. It’s just really easy to picture him in the clown get-up, chuckling manically in a dark storm drain, and in my head, it’s terrifying.

Celebs in Hollywood

But what about Skarsgard? Still a promising choice, in my opinion. He was always one of the most consistent and engaging things in the otherwise bonkers Hemlock Grove, and he definitely has the right look for such a part. That slightly mysterious, ghostly aura. But what do you guys think? And who should play the grown-up Losers?

IT is due to land in 2017. Regardless of casting, let’s just hope the new film makes a good job of adapting King’s masterful piece of fiction.

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